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"It's not what happens to you in this life, but what you do about it."
-Charles Jax

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 Charles T. Jax, President and Founder

Charles T. Jax, L.M.S.W., B.C.D., A.B.D.A., S.A.P., C.M.F.S.W. Is a Licensed Master's Social Worker, a Board Certified Senior Disability Analyst, a Substance Abuse Professional and a Certified Master Forensic Social Worker with over 37 years experience in practicing mental wellness and healing. In that time, Charles has had 70,000 hours of direct clinical experience. He has extensive knowledge and experience of human behavior as it relates to self and others. His ideas, beliefs, and teachings are of exceptional interest as they relate to self-worth, self-esteem, healing from within and the various circumstances which prevent us from living our dreams.
Having dealt with his own life challenges as a paraplegic for 49 years, Mr. Jax leads a successful, independent, and professional life. He maintains a thriving private practice where he conducts individual, group, and family psychotherapy/counseling. He has served as Program Director for the pediatric (Closed) Head Injury Clinic at the Detroit Institute for Children and was Chief of Clinical Services at a major Residential Head Trauma Center in Western Michigan. Mr. Jax has considerable experience in teaching and counseling for the disabled, as well as conducting motivational seminars throughout the United States. He is able to counsel, mentor and assist individuals in the problem solving process.